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landscaping guide
Lawn & Yard Work, Landscaping

In this infographic, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks from lawn care professionals on how to maintain your lawn during each season.

DIY home moving boxes

Whether you're moving across the street or across the country, follow these steps to make sure your move goes smoothly.

Fertilizer can make a big difference in your plant health and production. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Caughey/TIlly's Nest)
Lawn Fertilization & Treatment, Lawn & Yard Work

Simply put, fertilizer is food for plants.

Squirrel in humane trap
Animal Removal, Pest Control/Exterminating

Looking for the best squirrel bait? Nuts, oranges and even marshmallows can help you trap these clever critters.

Large male raccoon in humane trap
Animal Removal, Pest Control/Exterminating

Finding the best raccoon bait might mean experimenting with foods such as tuna, marshmallows and even soy sauce.

Adding a greenhouse can be costly but beautiful. (Photo courtesy of Antema)

Because of the wide range of greenhouse types, the greenhouse cost ranges widely, too.

Roof rat in bird feeder
Pest Control/Exterminating

Rat exterminator cost varies widely depending on factors such as the type of rat and how many.

Two kids swimming underwater with goggles
Pool & Spa Service

Check out these simple backyard pool ideas.

Spa and lap pool with stone patio
Pool & Spa Service

These pools are sure to inspire.

(Photo courtesy of Melissa Caughey/Tilly's Nest)
Mulch & Topsoil, Lawn & Yard Work

Sometimes overlooked, mulching is one of the most important things one can do for the garden.

Add vertical space to your garden with a DIY garden trellis. (Image by Doug McSchooler, Photos courtesy of Jamie Lott/Southern Revival)

Build a DIY garden trellis that's as beautiful covered in flowers as it is without.

(Photo courtesy of Courtney Allison/The French Country Cottage)
Builders - Garages/Barns/Sheds

A she-shed is the perfect solution for some peace and beauty in your landscaping.

Build your own DIY garden bench for a unique garden accent. (Photo courtesy of Jamie Lott/Southern Revival)

Nice outdoor furniture can be quite expensive but creating your own DIY outdoor bench means you can have quality furniture for a fraction of the cost and custom-fit for your space.

Build your own garden fence and gate for some simple charm. (Photo courtesy of Jamie Lott/Southern Revival)
Fencing, Landscaping

Building a DIY garden fence that will help you keep unwanted visitors out, or pet's in, is quick, easy and affordable.

Build a DIY garden box to add more space to your landscaping. (Photo courtesy of Jamie Lott/Southern Revival)
Lawn & Yard Work, Landscaping

Whether space is limited, your soil is lacking or you're looking to dress up your garden space, a DIY garden box is perfect for the job.

Learn how to properly plant new flowers and shrubs to transform your landscape. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Caughey/Tilly's Nest)

Adding new plants to the garden is exciting for homeowners and gardeners alike.

Lawn & Yard Work, Lawn Fertilization & Treatment

Want to know how to till a garden? A rototiller can help you do it quickly, but it's a tool that should be used cautiously.

Mulch in yard
Mulch & Topsoil, Landscaping

It's easier than you think to produce your own mulch for your yard, garden or landscaping.

The Botanic Garden Meise (Image courtesy of Jean-Pol GRANDMONT)

There's the standard greenhouse, then there are these outrageous greenhouse designs from around the globe.

Pond with stone waterfall by Affordable Ponds

Small or large, a backyard pond can transform a property.

Add vining plants to a greenhouse. (Photo courtesy of Daniel-Hjalmarson)

Get inspired with these 10 ideas for your greenhouse.

Woman staining a backyard fence.
Remodeling - Kitchen & Bathroom

Need DIY ideas for your tight schedule? Here are eight home improvements fit for a weekend warrior.

Organic mulch alternatives
Mulch & Topsoil, Lawn & Yard Work

Mulch alternative options include stone mulch, rubber mulch and ground cover plants.

pine bark organic mulch
Mulch & Topsoil

Organic mulch can preserve your soil more effectively than bulk or synthetic mulch.

Weeds can be a pain, but some regular care can keep your garden and lawn weed-free. (Photo by Katelin Kinney)
Lawn & Yard Work

Weeds and gardening tend to go hand and hand.